Bruce Jenner Face Uplift Before And After Photos

A nip here and tuck there has been really common with Hollywood damsels today, young and old alike. But do you know that male celebs too have joined up the line steadily and a great lot of male superstars are taking to cosmetic consultation. Among the male stars taking to plastic surgery, one of the […]

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Without any doubts, Julie Chen plastic surgery rumors are true – confessed by the star herself at a talk show. Julie says that workplace racism led her to undergo plastic surgery to look less Asian. She admits to have had eyelid surgery to open up her eyes and look less oriental. But denies having any […]

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Ciara plastic surgery rumors are exclusively centered on a pretty significant nose job. Though there have been no confirmations from the singer or any of her spokesperson, it is easy to draw conclusions from the Ciara’s before and after photos that she had breast and nose job done. Has Ciara had plastic surgery ? 28 year […]

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

What could a young 27 year old Lana Del Rey do with plastic surgery anyway? No much – just gave her lips a boost, so that look full and sexy when she sings. And, of course, Lana denies all the rumours. But the before and after pix say a different story, altogether. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant […]