Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s tough to confirm Lara Spencer plastic surgery rumours. Firstly because, there aren’t many before and after photos available online for comparison and secondly, though she has well maintained looks for her age, Lara also have visible aging signs like crowsfeet and laugh lines. It is becoming more and more difficult to speculate celebrity plastic […]

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After

In late 2013, new evidence from the auctioned off x-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s skull and medical reports revealed that the eternal star had indeed undergone plastic surgery. Most of her fans refuse to believe this even now. However, scientific proof can barely be wrong. It is no secret that Miss Monroe had a few tweeks […]

Kim Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo – Latest

South Korea is undoubtedly the fashion capital of the world. The Korean celebrities are frequent visitors to the plastic surgeons clinic and it’s all like ‘What’s the big deal?’. In a country where parents are ready to put their children under the knife for beauty enhancements, can celebrities stay away from it? Korean singer-songwriter, actor […]

Kate Winslet fan spends $15K on plastic surgery to look like her idol

Would you spend thousands of bucks on plastic surgery to be celebrity look-alike? Looks like there are enough people who would say ‘Yes’ to that question. There are no limits die-hard celebrity fans. Some would dedicate their lives to their idols through undying support, poster collection or even travel a long way to snap a […]