Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has always been a hot topic of discussion for internet’s celebrity gossipers. And yes, the woman is one of those celebrities who is addicted to bad plastic surgery. She is consistent in keeping up her “weird” looks up-to-date. Recently, she was quizzed on the Wendy Williams Show about this topic and she isn’t afraid to admit it either.

Tameka Cottle (now Harris) aka Tiny is a singer-songwriter from Georgia, best known for being a member of the multi-platinum R&B girl group, Xcape. He marriage to rapper T.I has also contributed considerably to her fame. She has won a Grammy for her contribution to the TLC hit No Scrubs. Her tiny frame of 4’11”, earned her the nickname, Tiny.

Has Tameka Cottle had plastic surgery?

Tameka Cottle before and after Photo

Tameka Cottle before and after Plastic surgery

The 38 year old has always been under the attack of plastic surgery rumors. She has had everything altered from head to toe – according to these rumors. Cheek implants, liposuction, fillers, nose job, Botox, butt augmentation, tummy tuck and breast enhancements are just a few of the accusations. Several surgeries have almost ruined her looks and rendered her unrecognizably weird – but thankfully not to the level of Catwoman. But if she keeps up with this bad plastic surgery addiction, that time wouldn’t be too far in the future.

The most noticeable change is the enhancement of her butt and bust area with implants. The nose job is subtle, but definitely there. The exaggerated features does make her stand out in the crowd, but not in a good way.

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