Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Teri Hatcher has been hounded by plastic surgery rumors, unless she decided to come clean. Teri publically declared that she had use Botoz and collagen earlier, but not anymore. She plans to age gracefully, it seems. Good for you Teri!

You may not recognize her much, but Teri Hatcher stared in Desperate Housewives and Lois and Clark: The New adventures of Superman. She is one year short of 50 now and age has caught up with her body. In her early 40s, Teri decided to curb down this ageing symptoms through fillers and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Now, fortunately, she seems to have abandoned all her plans to go plastic. To prove this, Teri even publicized a few personal pictures and commented that she can still raise her eyebrow and make faces. The whole point was to show everyone that her face is not frozen now.

Has Teri Hatcher had plastic surgery ?

Teri hatcher plastic surgery nose job and breast implants before and after photo

Teri Hatcher before and after plastic surgery

But apart from the smoothening dermal fillers, it is also suspected that Teri has gone under the knfe for a nose job and facelift too. She admitted to have had regular Botox shots. She may have also used Juvedrem and Restylane. An overdose of these filler injections may have been the cause of her frozen features and unnatural look. There are also rumors about cheek implants and eyelift surgeries.

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Celebrity watchers and experts are of the opinion that, though Teri has managed to reign in her plastic surgery addiction, it is too late already. The damage has been done and she looks weirder as she ages. With the tight skin, it is becoming harder for her to smile. Without proper backup procedures, she may soon have sagging skin too.

In case of celebrities, plastic surgery tends to be a necessity to keep their values up in the glamour industry. Teri Hatcher seems to be a victim of this need too.

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