Tommy Morrison Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Breast implant surgery is one of the most common plastic procedures taken up by female celebrities but have you ever heard of any male celeb taking to such an option? Well, you have the erstwhile WBO Heavyweight champ Tommy Morrison who has surprisingly taken to breast implants. Cosmetic operations are not unusual for Tommy but it’s the breast implant thing that has really startled all. Here is a brief discussing on Tommy Morrison’s breast implants.

Has Tommy Morrison Had Breast Implants?

Tommy Morrison Breast Implants

If you look at the recent pictures of the Rocky V star, you will find him with somewhat overtly filled chest which is of course unnatural for a man. Now, many are of the opinion that it’s the overdose of steroids that have got the fighter the unnaturally filled chest but the steroids alone are never capable to render that augmented feel. The only natural conclusion is that Tommy has sought for a breast augmentation procedure.

According to cosmetic experts, the fighter has got pec implants on his chest. If you look at his latest snaps, you will too obvious protrusions over his chest that have given it a more of a breast-like appearance than just pec muscles. Even female breasts tend to reduce while the arm is lifted. But if you look at any of recent pictures of Tommy with arms lifted you won’t see any sign of reduction in his chest. His chest looks very artificially tightened which is never a natural thing.

In case of an augmented breast through plastic surgery, the breast isn’t connected to the tendons at muscle insertion-points and hence there is no reduction in appearance when the arm is lifted. As Tommy’s chest too displays such a similar feel, it won’t be wrong to claim that the fighter actually had breast implants. Even his pectoral is unnaturally square rather than being naturally round.

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