Top 10 Best Breast Implants of Celebrities

Flat chested? – Nope, that doesn’t work in the glamour world. Probably that’s whay a few stars run to their plastic surgeons to boost up their boob. There are a few who go overboard with the ides – let’s just forget them for now. Then there are the other who absolutely needed a boob make-over. Well, it is feminine and hot – you can’t say boob jobs are bad when they are done right. Here are the top 10 stars who got their breast implants right but, not all breast implants are successful like these – worst celebrity breast implants. Anyways, congrats to you and your plastic surgeon for a job well done, ladies!

Top 10 Best Boob Job of Celebrity

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker best boob job, Sarah Jessica Parker best breast implants

The Sex and the City star has definitely made it big – her career and well, her boobs too. That works for us – because she definitely looks hotter now. This not the first time Sarah has come under the limelight for plastic surgery – but it is the best so far. And no, if you are thinking push-up bras, no! No bra can increase your cup size to this level.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman best boob job, Nicole Kidman best breast implants

She needed them – absolutely needed them. Before she got the implants, the otherwise sexy star was significantly lacking in breast size. Unlike her Botox experience, the boob job seems to have been taken care of pretty well.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek best boob job, Salma Hayek best breast implants

It is still speculated as to whether Salma Hayek has gone under the knife for a breast augmentation procedure. However, the large bobs that she suddenly developed did in fact get her move higher up her career graph. The curvaceous star sports a much desired figure now than her debut days.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards best boob job, Denise Richards best breast implants

The former bond girl has had breast augmentation procedures not once, not twice, but thrice. Initaially she got really large implants which in fact launched her career. Later she was unhappy with the unnatural size and got them removed. Finally she got it right the third time.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith best boob job, Anna Nicole Smith best breast implants

Okay, I agree that her heavy implanted breasts do not look all that great – but Anna finds a place on our list of best boob jobs, because those implants goy get famous and her career running. Her over-the top breast implants ( two in each breast) actually launched her career as a model and even made her a playmate of the year in 1993.

Heidi Montag

Heidi montag Smith best boob job, Heidi montag best breast implants

A perfect boob-job is probably the only thing that went right for Heidi, among her innumerable plastic surgery attempts that are widely criticized. She is rumored to have had 10 procedures in a single day and Peoples magazine even ran a full-fledged article on her plastic surgery adventures. Though she is also reported to be a little unhappy about her G-size cups, we think she looks hot.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Smith best boob job, Nicole Richie best breast implants

The size zero star did a good thing by approaching a plastic surgeon and getting some implants done on her non-existent boobs. It did wonders to her boyish figure. The new boobs seem to have given her more confidence too.


Beyonce best boob job, Beyonce best breast implants

Oh! Isn’t she one hot celebrity. But a little credit goes to plastic surgery. Breast implants were absolutely necessary for that sexy image Beyonce flaunts with confidence. It has helped enhance her curvaceous figure.

Carmen Electra

Carmen electra best boob job, Carmen electra best breast implants

Unlike fellow Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, Carmen has got her boob job right with neatly proportioned implants. In fact her newly acquired breast size helped her move on up in her career too.

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