Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Complete Disaster

If it is bound to get wrong – it will. Plastic surgery is risky business. One wrong step and you will end up in the hall of shame with a weird plastic face. There are more unfortunate celebrities who ended up being plastic surgery victims than celebrities who have actually benifitted from it. Some of these cases are absolute disasters that rendered these plastic surgery addicts unrecognizable for life. However, what surprises us the most are those few stars and public figures who continues to loyal fans of plastic surgery, despite pushing it to the limits and sporting almost inhuman looks. Here are the top 10 celebrity plastic surgery disasters of all time.

Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Michael Jackson

Micheal jackson plastic surgery

Can any ‘Worst Plastic surgery’ list ever be complete without Michael Jackson taking the top spot? We have no choice, but to keep the King of Pop and plastic surgery right where he belongs. What plastic surgery did to Michael has never ever been repeated. The number of surgeries too will remain a mystery. Enough said, Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery is the worst of its kind for all time.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

catwoman plastic surgery catwoman before and after photo

Catwoman plastic surgery photo

The New York socialite, better known as the ‘Catwoman’ is undeniably the winner(or loser) when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery mishaps.  She has no one or nothing else than her fetish for plastic surgery to blame for the unique face she carries around with her. You cannot help but wonder why someone would do that to their face.

The Duchess of Alba

Duchess of Alba before and after photo

Duchess of Alba before and after plastic surgery photos

The Duchess is worthy enough  to fight for the second spot on this list with the Cat Woman – they almost look identical, don’t you think? Over her long life, the duchess is rumored to have undergone several plastic surgery procedures, but none of her secrets have ever been revealed.

Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery

She is better known for her collagen abuse than for being an Italian socialite. Michaela has had multiple surgeries to her lip and never bothered about how hideous she looks. We think she is quite scary with those large pouty lips which completely hide everything else on her face.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Donatella Versace Before and after photo

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery photo

The Fashion queen is everything that screams bad plastic surgery. Since the 1990, Donatella has gone under the knife several times, which eventually gifted her the weird face she sports today. While the nose job seems to be the better of all evils, same cannot be said for her pouty drooping lips. Despite the plastic surgery Faux pas, Donatella continues to be addicted to artificial beauty enhancements.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jacson plastic surgery

It is quite a well known fact that along with Michael, La Toya Jackson had her plastic surgery addiction problems. It took off to such an extent where she had almost transformed to give competition to Micheal. The pointy nose seems to be the highlight – she does keep up with her family name and brother’s fame.

Amanda Lepore

amanda lepore plastic surgery disaster

Amanda Lepore before and after plastic surgery photo

World’s most famous transsexual model has a lot to thank plastic surgery for much of her fame. Only if she knew when to stop, we do think she would have actually looked great. But plastic surgery for some is a release, just like alcohol or drugs. And they can get easily addicted.

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow plastic surgery, Barry Manilow before and after photo

Barry Manilow plastic surgery photo

Barry finds a spot on this list for simply ruining an otherwise perfectly handsome face for no special reasons at all. Several facelifts, Botox and eyelid surgeries have been reported. If this was a trick to keep age at bay, we think you’ve got it wrong Barry!

Janice Dickinson


“I live for plastic surgery” – That’s what Janice said recently about her questionably unnatural looks. We wonder why – take a look at her before photo. Whay would you destroy a face as beautiful as that?

Courtney Love

Courtney love plastic surgery disaster

Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery photos

Courtney has never expressed any regret for plumping up her lips with fillers and getting a nose job to gain her permanent residence in celebrity freak show town.

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