Top 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2014

Lipotripsy, Brachioplasty, Artefill, Vampire facials – heard of these before. You will in 2014. Nose jobs have always a hit and they are here to stay for the year too. New FDA approved fillers and procedures are also expected in the plastic surgery markets. Non-evasive or non-surgical plastic surgery procedures are in demand. On the other hand, the really brave plastic surgery fanatics are ready for the pain with complex procedures like Vampire facials. Here are our pick of  Top 10 plastic surgery procedures for this year.

List of New Plastic Surgery Procedures 2014


Brachioplasty New Plastic Surgery Procedures

The quest for perfection has reached up to our upper arms – Brachioplasty is the removal of excess, ageing skin from your upper arms – which are called ‘bingo wings’. The procedure will tighten and tone your arms for a more youthful look. It’s time to get rid of those flabby arms.


Rhinoplasty New Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nose jobs will continue to be in demand, especially for those under the age of 35. The nose is the focal point on your face and it is only fair that you want it perfect. Not just for those with a crooked nose, but for also those who want a better shape suited for your other facial features – Rhinoplasty is the ideal plastic surgery procedure.


Laser ramoval of wart New Plastic Surgery Procedures

Freezing is good for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. From freezing excess fat to smoothing out wrinkles on your forehead – Cryosurgery would be the perfect non-evasive plastic surgery procedure.

RF Skin Tightening

RF Skin Tightening New Plastic Surgery Procedures

Radio frequency treatments will become even more popular this year, due to their non-surgical advantage. Micro needling devices will be more effective than Transcutaneous ones. RF devices such as Thermage, Exilis, Pelleve and Tripolar will become less relevant.


Coolsculpting Cosmetic Surgery procedure

No downtime, minimal risks, and getting real observable fat loss will keep non-evasive fat removal procedures like Cool sculpting in demand. Certain areas like outer thighs have been difficult to tackle with non-evasive treatments, however, in 2014 new devices will solve this problem. High frequency and radio frequency treatments will become popular.


Artefill Cosmetic Surgery procedure

Artefill is a permanent filler that stimulates collagen and can be gradually replaced by fat grafting for the face. This eliminates the double procedure of fat harvesting and then grafting. Fine tuning is also much easier with Artefill than fat.

Vampire facials

Vampire facials new plastic surgery procedures

Not many experts are a fan of this painful procedure. There is no scientific back up either, however, it will be high on demand. Originally designed to help injured skin, Vampire facials may not be the best option for healthy skin.


Lipotripsy plastic surgery procedures

This non-surgical treatment aims at cellulite and improves texture & tone. However, the results will vary from person to person. The success will depend on the client’s genetics, hormones, diet, exercise regime and lifestyle too. However, Lipotripsy is not an alternative to liposuction and weight-loss.


ReFirme plastic surgery procedure

This anti-ageing solution uses infrared and bipolar radio frequencies to bulk heat skin and shrink collagen fibers to tighten the skin. It targets jowls and neck, shagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines and nasolabial folds.

Kythera’s ATX-101

The newly approved injection can take care of double chins with minimal time and effort. It may have to be repeated 3-5 times depending upon the individual, but there will not be any surgical procedure and thus minimal risk involved. Side effects can be swelling and discomfort which may last up to a week. It could also be used for fat in the belly, love handles, or thighs.

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