Top 10 Plastic Surgery Trends in 2014

According to experts, anti-aging, facial surgery and fat-removal will remain at the top of plastic surgery trends. Many FDA approved procedures are also set make a presence in the world of artificial beauty. Non-surgical procedures would be the key attraction though. Realistic beauty is also expected to make a comeback – we hope so too. Enough with the trout pouts and shaved noses. Let’s take a look at the top 10 plastic surgery trends for 2014.

Latest Plastic Surgery Trends in 2014

Designer fillers

Designer fillers latest plastic surgery trend

Lips, breasts, cheeks or chin – the use of approved high quality fillers will be on the rise in 2014. Juvederm Voluma has been approved by the FDA recently. Cheeks and midface would benefit the most from this new filler. We can expect more designer fillers to make their debut this year.

Lighter Botox

Lighter Botox Plastic Surgery Trend

Botox administration will be controlled for a more realistic look. The lighter doses are aimed at a natural look, unlike the frozen faces of past years. We can hope to see more expressions on Botoxed faces. Micro injection methods can be used to inject less Botox, especially on the forehead and thus allowing more movement and less risk of drooping brows.

Sculpted arms and abs


Non-surgical sculpting procedures will be high in demand this year. Coolsculpting, Smart Lipo Tripex or Lipotripsy – several new sculpting devices and technologies are set to enter the market. Radio frequency and laser treatments would remain favorites. These are however not weight-loss procedures.

Easier Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal Plastic  Surgery Trend

Thanks to innovative laser technology, tattoo removal treatment would be easier and less time consuming in 2014. PicoSure, is one such device that features high energy and power to break down pigment into sand-like particles quickly.

Natural breasts

The big round fake boobs are clearly out of demand. More natural looking tear-drop shaped implants have been seeing steady popularity among many women. Looks like realism is set to make a comeback in the plastic surgery world.

Anti-ageing for Hands and Chest

Anti-ageing for Hands and Chest plastic surgery trend

Possibly because Madonna’s plastic surgery rumors were confirmed by her wrinkled hands, anti-ageing treatment would not be restricted to the face in 2014. Hands and chests are also in for a make over this year. Volumnizing, skin tightening and spot removal will be popular.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery for men plastic surgery trend

This year, men are expected to be more active in using plastic surgery services. Competitive job-markets and easy non-evasive no-downtime procedures will be the driving force behind the trend. Botox, fillers, Ulthera, and Cool sculpting are predicted to be popular.

Facelifts will drop

no facelifts plastic surgery trends

The number of people favoring facelifts will drop significantly in 2014. The reason being new non-evasive skin tightening procedures that require less downtime and that are more effective. Grace-fully ageing is the new mantra for most people and volumnizing dermal fillers are the best way to keep up the natural look.

Blunt Cannula Lip enhancements

Blunt Cannula lip plastic surgery trends

Keeping up with the natural theme, lips will be smaller and realistic in 2014. Blunt Cannulas will be used to get this perfect result, as this device facilitates lesser downtime, minimal discomfort and naturally enhanced lips.


Designer vaginas are high on the rise as we complete the first quarter of 2014. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty were just emerging trends in 2013, but they are set to take center stage this year. The procedures are popular among women who have given birth, as it reshapes and tightens the vaginal area.

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