Top 10 Worst Celebrity Breast Implants

Real or fake? – That’s always the question when it comes to a perfect pair of celebrity boobs. But these ladies here leave no scope to speculation. Anyone with a good eye can easily make out the Breast augmentation procedures they have undergone – sadly all of these look horribly wrong or you can say celebrity breast implants plastic surgery gone wrong. With the kind of money that they have at their disposal, you may think these celebrities could have sought the services of a plastic surgeon who knew what he/she is doing with their precious assets. Alas! Whoever had lend their services to these 10 stars, seems to have made a messy job of it. Most of these pix will remind you of coconut or even watermelon sized implants hanging on to their chests unnecessarily. So, here’s a list of shame for those celebrities who should reconsider their breast augmentation surgery.

Top Ten Celebrity Who Had Worst Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation ?

Pamela Anderson

worst Celebrity Breast Implants and boob jobs

Do we need to even say this? – Pamela probably sports the most viewed fake breasts in celebrity world. We have stopped counting how many times she had a boob job done. But from the looks of it, she is in for more visits to the plastic surgeon – because some things (read left nipple) still looks gross.

Vivica A Fox

worst celebrity boob jobs, vivica a fox breast implants

Ouch! What’s that- A dent on your boob? No wonder that picture with gross written all over it had a gala time on the internet. Okay, so you have got implants on. But how could you have not considered covering it up a little until they settle down. Undoubtedly, the worst boob job – we hope you fired you plastic surgeon.

Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera boob jobs gone wrong

Okay! So Christina has admitted to have had breast implants – but no points for you Aguilera, because they don’t look all that great! Plus, in some pix your boobs look like they are about to burst. Time for another visit to the plastic surgeons clinic?

Big Ang

worst big ang boob jobs disaster

This reality star has got to get some control on her breast augmentation addiction. I mean what are those stuck in there – implants or boulders?

Tori Spelling

tori spelling breast implants

Okay, the nose could do with some help from a plastic surgeon and may be the cheeks – oh! Wait a minute, what’s that on your chest. Sorry, but they scream ‘Fake’! Totally unnecessary and too large for that face.

Victoria Beckham

worst celebrity boob jobs

How would you like to describe Victoria’s obviously fake boobs – footballs, watermelons, coconut shells? That plastic surgeon has a lot to learn about breast implants – or maybe it is Mrs. Beckham who should be taught a thing or two about good plastic surgery.

Ivanka Trump

worst ivanka trump boob jobs, breast implants

Why? Why would someone so gorgeous go ahead and ruin her looks with bad plastic surgery. That too sporting melon sized breast implants that do not even match – her right breasts seems to be pumped up a little too much.

Janet Jackson

janet jackson worst celebrity boob jobs

The Jacksons are no strangers to plastic surgery – aptly proved by the king of pop himself. Little sis, Janet couldn’t stay away from its bad effect either. So she went ahead and had botched up breast implants, with saggy skin all around it.

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