Top 10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters from Hollywood

Is Plastic surgery good or bad? – There have been enough debates over this topic. While some say that a nip and tuck from time to time is no harm at all, others argue that it is not good to tamper with your natural appearance. The negativity of plastic surgery is however brought out by several celebrities, who wend under the knife one too many times and ended up with weird features. Here are a few bad plastic surgery who are fine examples for the negative effects of plastic surgery:

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery of Hollywood Actor and Actress

Pamela Anderson


It is hard to give a definite count of boob jobs that Pamela has undergone over the years. Her before and after pix show a shocking transformation which makes us wonder what made the beautiful actress to go under the knife for breast augmentation. From the photos it is clear that Pam has got one of the worst boob jobs in Hollywood. There are also rumors about some plastic surgery on her face too.

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Nikki Cox

Nikki cox before and after photo

Nikki Cox before and after plastic surgery photos

It is quite unclear as to why Nikki Cox had to destroy her pretty face with Plastic surgery – the trout pout and bulging cheeks are definitely not worth all the money she must’ve splashed on her plastic surgeon. Even more shocking is the fact that Nikki refuses to admit her tryst with plastic surgery. We wonder why she is hiding the truth when the proof is right on her face for all to see.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Plastic surgery Mickey Rourke before and after photo

Mickey Rourke Plastic surgery Photo

No plastic surgery disaster list – celebrity or not – can be complete without Mickey Rourke’s name featured it. At least he has admitted to the numerous plastic surgery procedures he has subjected his body to.  Most of it has been facial reconstruction surgery to combat his boxing injuries. However, all that plastic surgery has rendered him almost unrecognizable.

Melanie Griffith

melanie griffith before and after photos

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery photos

Melanie may not have admitted to plastic surgery, but she sure is bullied by the nasty tweets and comments about her appearance. “Most people tell me that I look horrible!” – she says. We agree! According to experts she has had lip injections, Botox and an eyelid lift surgery. With all that on one face, it would be surprise if you don’t look horrible. Maybe its time stop racing against age, Melaine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after plastic surgery


There aren’t many Hollywood actors who have ventured into the risky plastic surgery scene – Mr Schwarzenegger is quite the exception. The 66 year old has had several encounters with plastic surgery on top of his steroid addiction – and the effects show plainly on his body, especially his face. All we can say is that it’s a losing battle that he is fighting against age with plastic surgery as his weapon.

Meg Ryan

meg ryan before and after photo

Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic surgery

Oh! Meg. Was all that plastic surgery worth the puffy distorted face you sport now? We don’t think so, especially when we look back to your younger days and that pretty face. It is also rumored that bad plastic surgery has had the negative impact in her career as well. No wonder we don’t see her in movies, as much as we used to.

Elsa Patton

elsa patton plastic surgery elsa patton before and after photo

Elsa Patton plastic surgery photo

The once pretty Hollywood star could have aged gracefully, if she hadn’t got hooked on to plastic surgery. The 70 something year old has an unnatural face and it is all because of the wrong mix of aging skin and plastic surgery.

Brittany Murphy

Britany Murphy Plastic Surgery Britany Murphy Before and After photo

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Photo

No! That pout did not look good on you Brittany – Even her untimely death wouldn’t stop celebrity watchers from expressing their displeasure over bad plastic surgery. According to reports, she had undergone plastic surgery for lager lips and breasts.

Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Lark Voorhies Before and After photo

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Photo

There are many arguments about Lark Voorhies involvement with plastic surgery. Some say that it is just a natural change due to her age. But we cannot just believe that age can shorten and pinch up her nose. Nor can we find a good enough explanation for the lighter skin she seems to have magically acquired as she matured.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Lindsay Lohan Before and After photo

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Photo

Breast implants, nose job and lip injections – Lindsay Lohan traded her innocent sweet looks for these plastic surgery frivolities. And look what she ended up with. We don’t like it much, nor does her fans. It’s almost like she aged 10 years that she actually is.

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