Top 10 Youngest Plastic Surgery Celebrities

All over the world plastic surgery is becoming a common occurrence.  It is actually more challenging to find a celebrity who has not had work done than it is to find someone who has. There are a couple of reasons it is becoming increasingly popular. First of all it is become less invasive, meaning the risk for serious injury has fallen. On top of that, with new methods come more affordable prices. Getting surgeries like Botox injections used to be hard to come by. Now anyone can get Botox with relative ease. The final reason it is become so popular has to do with the increasing standard of beauty. People are getting plastic surgery at young ages so that they can meet a standard of beauty set by Hollywood. When you consider these factors take a look at 10 young celebrities who got plastic surgery.


  1. Kourtney Kardashian is at the number 10 spot. She decided to get a breast implant for her 22nd birthday, which she almost immediately regretted. Since that time she has grown to like them and said that they were well worth the investment. It is interesting to consider that someone would decide to get plastic surgery like that done at such a young age. The truth is she had the resources and made a decision. It is great that she had grown into and accepted her choice, it helps that her surgeon did a great job too!


  1. Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart comes in at number nine. This young woman opted to get a boob job as soon as she turned 18. It is hard to say why she would opt to get this surgery when she was still growing and developing, but it was her choice as an adult. She ended up getting the implants removed after she was 26 because of alleged health problems. It is unknown whether there was another purpose behind it, but since then she has not had much to say regarding her getting any other kind of plastic surgery.


  1. Jenny McCartney is famous now for her roles on TV, as a model, and a comedian. The star did not always have the best of luck. When she was 19 years old she ended up with a botched boob job because she seen a surgeon who did the procedure without putting her under. He only charged her 1,500 dollars but the damage that was caused resulted in her getting two additional surgeries to fix the first one. The lesson here is if it seems too good to be true it usually is.


  1. Michael Jackson is likely to end up on every plastic surgery list imaginable, including this one! He had his first surgery when he was 21 years old. The procedure was a nose job, and supposedly the result of an injury where he damaged his nose in a pretty severe fashion. It is hard to say if this procedure was the one that got him on the slippery slope that is plastic surgery addiction. The final count on how many surgeries he had is unknown, but some of his doctors have speculated that it ended up being well over 100!


  1. Farrah Abraham comes in at number 6. Believe it or not Farrah had three different surgeries done before she was even 22 years old. The Teen Mom celebrity admitted to having a boob job, chin implants, and a nose job all before her 22th birthday. It is hard to say what her motive was in her decision. She always stated that all of the things she did was to make the life of her child better, but the question remains how a boob job helps a toddler live better. Farrah went on to get even more surgeries after the fact including a lip job and another breast augmentation.
Top Ten Youngest Plastic Surgery Celebrities

Top Ten Youngest Plastic Surgery Celebrities


  1. Dianna Agron decided to get a nose job before she turned 25. Sources say that the Glee star broke her nose multiple times and that is why she had the work done. That is an interesting point to make, but it is odd that she would get multiple surgeries while she was so young for a broken nose. The odds are she was looking for a reason to change her appearance and a broken nose fit the bill. Since that point she has ended up with more surgeries, but the nose job is the one that started it.


  1. Janet Jackson is the second Jackson to make it on the list. If you look at her in her younger days you can see that she had a nose job well before she turned 21. It is speculated that the pressure of being so famous at such a young age had a lot to do with her decision. The pressure to uphold appearances is one that many people take for granted, unless they are in that position themselves. If you have followed Janet you would also know that now she has changed much of her body with plastic surgery.


  1. Jenelle Evans is another Teen Mom star who decided to get plastic surgery after the airing of the show. She ended up getting breast implants to bring her B cup to a C. She had this done before her 20th birthday, which seems strange considering she should have been focused on raising her child. When you take into consideration that she probably got paid a pretty hefty sum from MTV for her role in Teen Mom 10,000 dollars for a breast implant doesn’t seem that bad. She has not had any other surgeries since that first one, only time will tell if that lasts.


  1. Adrienne Curry is another young celebrity who had breast implants. Her reason for getting the implants is a little different than the other reasons. She said that she made this choice because she was breastfeeding and over time it caused her breasts to become embarrassingly uneven. There is a common theme with celebrities who get boob jobs. It is a wonder if it has more to do with the fact that they have the money to do it over the actual reason.


  1. Heidi Montag gets the number one spot in this list because of the number of surgeries she had before the age of 23. She received 10 surgeries in a short span of time because she felt as if she had plenty of trouble areas that needed fixed. Everywhere you could imagine someone to get surgery she had it. Her lips, cheeks, neck, brows, nose, breasts, and thighs all have had work done. She even got 10 more surgeries a few years later. She by far has had the most plastic surgeries for her age at the time.