Traci Melchor Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Traci Melchor is a famous TV celebrity and reporter; she is greatly admired from all over the world. A trending topic on Melchor seems to be on whether she has had plastic surgery in the past. She is a gorgeous girl, but is her beauty unnatural? There are a couple of different surgeries and procedures that she allegedly had.

The one is the most obvious is her facelift. Take a peek at the before and after photos, you can see Melchor’s face has tightened, her wrinkles seem to have disappeared into nothing, which as you know, is impossible. Overall it is a good look for her, there are other theories as to how her face took on this new appearance.

Traci Melchor Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Traci Melchor Plastic Surgery

People seem to think that Botox injections are a regular part of her routine. If she is having Botox injections, she might never have had a facelift and is simply using the injections to plump out some of her facial features and get rid of those pesky wrinkles when they start sneaking in.  The shots can be used to make the lips appear fuller, which seems to be the case in some of her before and after photos.

Traci Melchor also seems to have had a chin job at some point. Her chin was never noticeably crooked, but as of lately it appears more and more plastic looking. The plastic like appearance is one of the clear signs of telling whether someone has had plastic surgery or not. If she didn’t, then it is hard to say where it came off looking like plastic surgery, with no surgery involved. Know this fact for sure; she is still a very attractive woman and an inspiration. If she had cometic surgery and it makes her happy that is all that matters in the long run.

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