Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tulisa is a world famous singer, television personality, and actress. The England native born star might only be 26 years old, but it is very obvious that she had some plastic surgery done in her life to help enhance her looks. If you take a glance at her before and after photos you will notice that she has an almost unnatural beauty, something that makeup alone cannot do. You might be curious as to what kind of surgeries she had done through the years to keep looking as beautiful as she does, and if you look between the lines it becomes obvious what kind of work she had to enhance her looks.

Tulisa plastic surgery before and after photos

Tulisa plastic surgery

First of all it is clear that she had a nose job. You can see that her nose looks completely different in the two shots listed above. In the latter photo you can tell that her nose was shaped by a surgeon. It looks like it was crafted and shaped to her liking, which is essentially what a plastic surgeon does. The shape of her nose shifted up and became much more narrow than it was just a few short years ago. A nose job is a very common procedure so it is not a stretch of the imagination to think that Tulisa has this procedure done.

The other noticeable surgery is her chin job. In the photo on the right side her chin looks more rounded and evenly shaped, which is an obvious sign of cosmetic surgery. When someone is not satisfied with the way their chin looks all they need to do is visit a reputable cosmetic surgeon and tell them their vision for how they want their chin to look. It is the job of the surgeon to go in and preform a successful chin job, similar to how Tulisa’s chin looks in these before and after photos.