Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Valerie Harper is 74 years of age though she does not look like her age. In fact she looks much younger. It is this peculiar feature that is making her fans wonder. Her body also looks much maintained than before. There are some speculations which are making people doubt about her changed features.

Has Valerie Harper had Plastic Surgery?

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

By comparing her before and after photos what is seen is that her face has become narrower than before, her nose is also a bit refined and her jaw line appears to be in  sync than before. Speculations of plastic surgery that has been doing the rounds are- facelift procedure which has transformed her face to a  younger looking girl, Botox treatment is also felt as at her age to be able to get rid of wrinkle lines and sagging skin is not that easy. But it is also speculated that the Botox treatment might have been done many times as some lines and wrinkles are still visible on her face so it might be that excess of Botox has made her face into such. But on the other hand the positive effect has been that her face is looking fresh and radiant than before.

It might also be so that after battling cancer she has reduced fat from her face. She has vehemently denied having gone in for plastic surgery procedures and has no intention either of going for such in the future. It is due to her healthy diet with food rich in antioxidant along with, good sleep, exercising and usage of natural products on the skin has helped her. She dreads to go in for cosmetic procedures. Hence it might be so that her process of ageing is making her look so refreshed at her age without showing trace of any unwanted or horrific change on her face and body.

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