Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Love it or loath it – the rich and famous just cannot stay away from plastic surgery. For most of our entertainers from movies and elsewhere, Plastic surgery is a confidence booster – a surefire way to stay put in the glamour industry. Wendy Williams is no different and seems to have concentrated more on enhancing her breasts – perfect attention grabbers!

Before going under the knife, Wendy was a voluptuous woman, except in the case of her boobs. So she seems to have decided to take some help from implants and got a bigger bust to balance out her figure. Sadly, rumors were more interested in talking about how fake they look, rather than whether it compliments her body. Wendy admitted to have had breast implants in 2009, but later replaced them when she gave birth to her son.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Wendy Williams before and after photo

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery photo

After this, she went on to get Liposuctions to remove her post-pregnancy flab. Wendy has admitted that she needed a tummy tuck and Liposuction after six months from her son’s birth. It is also widely agreed that Wendy is a Botox fan. Want proof? Take a look at her smooth forehead and under-eyes. For a 49 year old that is too smooth a face.

Wendy Williams also feature in that list of few gutsy celebrities who dared to talk openly about her plastic surgery endeavors. Not only she admits to have gone under the knife, but also says that she will try plastic surgery again, whenever the need arises. She also thinks that she cannot be perfect without plastic surgery. Sure! You are in the spotlight Wendy – Perfect is what you need to keep glowing.

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