Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Whitney Houston’s recent death sparked quite a few rumors and suggestions about the diva’s suspected involvement with plastic surgery. 9 revelations in the coroner’s report are cited as the solid evidence for these claims. So did Whitney undergo plastic surgery in her considerably short life?

Just weeks before the diva said her goodbyes to the world; she was turned down for plastic surgery after failing a routine medical check-up. But sometime later, a detailed coroner’s report revealed very believable signs that suggest cosmetic surgery procedures in the past. According to the report, a few tell-tale scars were found on her body that suggests Liposuction, breast implants and tummy tucks. She may have also undergone corrective denture procedures, neck and face lifts too.

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery Whitney Houston Before and After photo

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery photo

Scars were reported on her chest and stomach which mainly indicates Liposuctions on these parts of Whitney’s body. Breast implants also seems to have been used to enhance her looks. She may have also used a tummy tuck plus Lipo combination to rein in aging midriff and hips. A good look at her photographs will reveal a well flattened out abdomen and rounder firm breasts.

Another detection in the coroner’s report show that 11 teeth were missing from her body and the rest were perfectly arranged. This is enough proof for a suspected denture correction surgery. A scar on her neck may be the result of a neck lift. Houston may have had sagging skin due to age and this may have been tightened with the surgery on her neck.

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Whitney seems to have done quite a bit to keep her body and looks in top condition but at the cost of going under the beauty knife. Unfortunately, she had too little time to flaunt her successful endeavors in enhancing her beauty.

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