Will Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have ever seen the classic movies Wild Wild West or any of the Men in Black films you know who Will Smith is. Besides those movies he has starred in more plus amazing TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bellaire. When you keep all of these accomplishments in mind it is easy to see why people say he is one of the most influential actors of this generation. His son and daughter are also getting into the business and speaking with young people all around the world. The most notable thing people like to point out besides his acting career is his good looks.

Will Smith plastic surgery before and after photos

Will Smith plastic surgery

Believe it or not Will Smith is 46 years old, and you would never guess it when you look at his before and after photos. It almost looks like he has not aged at all in the past 20 years or so. While there are some people out there who attribute this to his genetics, others seem to think that he had plastic surgery done. When these people were asked what kind of surgery they think he had the first choice always seemed to be Botox injections. People seem to believe this because it almost looks like he has not aged at all and shows no real wrinkles or line around his face.

Besides Botox injections other people seem to believe that he had a chin job to give his face a more masculine appearance. It is not surprising that he would do this, as many actors in Hollywood get work done so that they can fit a certain image. Many people decide to get plastic surgery so that they can shape their face into an image that they see when they look in the mirror. It would not be shocking to find out that he had some work done, but what do you think?


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