Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Pics – Nose Job

Teen idol zac Efron has been brought under the celeb plastic surgery rumors with a nose job report. The  High School Musical star is an American singer/actor who shot to fame in his teenage years after appearing in the millennium’s Disney original movie.

Zac began his career as a guest star in television shows like Firefly, ER and The Guardian.  He played a major role in the WB series Summerland and there after appeared in several popular shows and a couple movies. However, the breakthrough came in 2006 with a role in Disney Channel’s High School Musical.

zac efron before and after photo

Zac Efron before and after plastic surgery


The 26 year old teen heartthrob came under the plastic surgery scanner for a suspected nose job. The before and after photos clearly show the difference in the shape of his nose. Zac’s short nose is now stretched longer and shaped thinner.  Zac seems to have gone for a sculpted asymmetrical bridge – it does make him look more attractive though!

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The nose job rumor has been discussed much in the gossip circles and his fans seem to love it. Exerts however, suggest that Zac may have to shell out a little too much for his next Rhinolasty as he is too young and will face problems as he ages. Counter arguments have also surfaced with suggestions that Zac is growing up but his nose grew up quicker.

Age or no age, we still stand for the Rhinoplasty theory. Anyways, he looks good and that’s all that matters to a good looking celebrity.

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